Leave foolish humanity alone



Once upon a time, from a galaxy far away,

Aliens the Destroyers invaded the Milky Way.

As usual they had a mission, only one:

Destroying intelligent life – just for fun!


Soon Destroyers came to know about Earth,

But then there was a debate about the worth

Of an assault on humans on planet this.

The Destroyer criterion – they meet or miss?


On the one hand, by committing ecocide,

Humans are on a path of mass suicide.

And it’s intelligent life, the mission was clear.

Humanity to intelligence – no way near!


“Non-intelligent humans are destroying nature

On which they depend; so sooner or later,”

Said the Destroyer Chief, “They will be gone.”

All agreed, “Let’s leave the fools alone.”

Asitha Jayawardena


Let’s leave foolish humanity alone ~ Aliens




#SUpoetry is part of The Sustainable University (SU) One-stop Shop | http://www.sustainableuni.kk5.org/


Poetry is among the fertile points of the Wave Hypothesis for SUSTAINABILITY Engagement across boundaries




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