Growth isn’t supreme?



Once upon a time, in a developed country,

Angry business leaders held a big meeting.

Business is business – no hanky-panky!

Then environmental laws got a big beating.


Business boomed; growth shot to sky;

Jobs were plenty; prosperity at hand.

No ‘green tape’ to worry about, that’s why

Life was fun – like on a dream land.


Slowly degraded nature; who’d care?

Growth in full swing; that’s all what mattered!

Business depends on soil, water and air;

No wonder eventually growth got battered.


No growth, polluted nature – all that’s left.

No one could believe their eyes or ears.

So growth isn’t supreme; many wept

For all had to live in pollution – oh dear!

Asitha Jayawardena


So growth isn’t supreme if it’s not green?



#SUpoetry is part of The Sustainable University (SU) One-stop Shop |


Poetry is among the fertile points of the Wave Hypothesis for SUSTAINABILITY Engagement across boundaries


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